Fall is the best

Today has been absolutely awesome. I got lots of sleep and rode my bike accross the street to work. I changed from my bike shoes into tennis shoes when I got there and I felt like Mr. Rogers. Then I got to eat dinner with Emily!

I had fun working on an installer for an internal testing tool. I played with SWT and JFace to see if I might want to use it, but I decided against it because I wanted the installer to not have as many requirements as SWT (i.e. be more cross-platform). But I learned that I really appreciate SWT–Java look-and-feels just aren’t good enough.

Gaim – The best multi-protocol IM program for Windows and Unixes.

Guifications – A fantastic Gaim plugin that shows little pop-up bubbles when people sign on, sign off, go away, etc. It works on Windows and Unixes.

Adium – The best multi-protocol IM program for OS X.

Growl – A fantastic OS X program that shows little pop-up bubbles for everything under the sun. It includes support for showing song changes from iTunes, and Adium has built-in support for showing you when people sign on, sign off, go away, etc (configure the “Events” in preferences).

And for any of you still in college, get an internship! From my experience this makes a HUGE difference in your ability to get a good job after you graduate.

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  1. salchichatu says:

    I think you mention my name just to give me something to read as I’m scanning your entries for something I understand.

    Hey! My name! I know my name!

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