Party People in the House

I uploaded pictures from Arun’s going away party. The main thing that stood out? Everyone looks really happy.

Also, this picture stands out because Penney is shoving a cupcake into Tommy’s face:

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4 Responses to Party People in the House

  1. I look like I’m dead in that picture. Funny, I don’t remember being dead that night.

    I do remember eating half of that cupcake though. It was tasty, especially the icing… Good Job Melanie.

  2. songchilde says:

    I like how I look really scary in all the pictures I’m in, but you an only really tell I’m in one. That minimizes the scariness factor because I had no idea you were taking pictures.

  3. I definitely don’t remember you having a camera that night. Something tells me there was a lot of stuff I was not paying attention to that night.

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