Cheaper cable?

I’ve heard that TimeWarner has a cheaper RoadRunner service. I’ve also heard the cheaper service has a lower maximum speed. I’ve heard that if you call and try to cancel your service because you think it costs too much, they might offer you the reduced rate.

Also, I recently saw this posted at SAS:
Person 1
I’ve been told by a reliable source that if you are contemplating discontinuing TimeWarner Cable or RoadRunner, that there’s a possiblity that the customer representative will offer you a lower rate for thier services.

In one case that I know if, the customer received nearly 30% off of combined cable/road runner service for a full 12 months.

Person 2:
I called TW’s customer service center for Cary, told them I was considering other options and wanted to know what they could do. I was asked to call 919-573-7000 x2198, TW’s retention department. I was given an immediate decease in my cable rate, dropping it by $17.15 per month. The rep said she couldn’t do anything with the Earthlink since they set their own rate scheules. Earthink is next on the call list.

As far as TW cable TV, just say the magic phrase: satellite TV.

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