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Pita + Red Pepper Humus = Good

Alright, new diagnosis: the hard drive is broken. Any time you can shake a hard drive and hear shit rattling it’s not good. And of course, it’s an IBM drive. On the plus side, the thermal compound stuff made the … Continue reading

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Final Diagnosis (sounds ominous, huh?)

Low quality thermal compound used by Dell led to overheating of the laptop as the thermal compound aged. The exhaust vents for the CPU fan were also pretty dusty, resulting in poor airflow. The resulting unstable system led to occasional … Continue reading

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Jimmy Eat World concert tonight

Problem: 1. Windows XP won’t boot on my dad’s laptop. It starts booting… then restarts half-way through. Safe-mode, debug-mode, last known working configuration all fail. 2. Using the Windows XP install CD in recovery mode fails. Which means I’ll have … Continue reading

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Party People in the House

I uploaded pictures from Arun’s going away party. The main thing that stood out? Everyone looks really happy. Also, this picture stands out because Penney is shoving a cupcake into Tommy’s face:

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I bought a fingerboard

And I hung it above my bathroom door. I also took some pictures. It’s a Metolius Simulator CNC, for the curious. You should ALWAYS pre-drill holes.

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Sailing mishap!

I set up CruiseControl to build Gaim HEAD and Gaim oldstatus. Hopefully people won’t hate it. Continuous integration is good.

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I just finished one of the “Easy” Sodoku games at in 4 minutes, 38 seconds! I thought that was pretty good. That game is pretty addictive. Edit: Medium in 13 minutes, 36 seconds, that should be pretty easy to … Continue reading

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I’d like to by a vowel, a ‘sometimes y’ please

I think “Fatty Corpusle” is a really good name for a comic book or cartoon character of some sort. Possibly some sort of stick figure.

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