Holy crap

Earlier tonight I learned that Victoria, Australia has banned swords. This amused me, and led to the following exchange:

Paco-Paco  it's not like it's a sword or anything
KingAnt    I hope swords wouldn't be illegal
Paco-Paco  they are in NSW and Victoria
KingAnt    Even in a private home?
Paco-Paco  yes
Paco-Paco  you have to apply for a license to own a sword
KingAnt    That's probably one of the dumbest things I've ever heard
KingAnt    Were they having a big problem with sword murders?
KingAnt    I'm just picturing someone trying to mug a guy with a
sword, and then people laughing at him
KingAnt    "Give me all your money!"
KingAnt    "Or what?  You'll 'run us through?'  HA HA HA HA HA"
Paco-Paco  you're going to start hurting .au feelings
KingAnt    Then they'll just have to make me illegal

Here are some links:
Sarcastic article discussing the ban
List of banned weapons in Victoria, Australia.
Two of the more absurd weapons on the list are “slingshot” and “laser pointer.”

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2 Responses to Holy crap

  1. benllawson says:

    I guess Australia is a former colony of criminals. I mean, you don’t want them all running around with flails and cat’o nine tails.

  2. But your picnics are safe, plastic cutlery is explicitly allowed.

    14. “Non-metal/ceramic knife”, being a knife, blade or spike of which no part is metallic, excluding plastic cutlery.

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