GMail now allows users 2 GB of stored mail instead of just 1 GB. This is cool, but I’d like to point out that I’ve been saving pretty much all my email for the past 6 or so years, and I only have 322 MB. And I use email like nobodies bisnass. So unless you receive lots of large attachments, or you’re using GMail as a remote storage medium, then it’s pretty inconsequential.

I finished reading Ender’s Game. It was pretty good. When I started reading, it very much reminded me of the first Harry Potter book (I haven’t read any of the others). Not because it starts off with a yute, but because the text is very easy to read. I didn’t expect there to be any sort of surprise at the end–but there was, so that was good (and I totally suck as predicting things like that). I was expecting something else. I actually thought a lot of it was pretty bland (don’t hate me!). I was glad the author included the substories with Ender’s brother and sister–that helped. But that only started like, half-way through the book? Maybe I’m just spoilt because I read tons of Star Wars and Assimov books when I was younger.

In other news, Arun left the milk out this morning, Emily got a flat tire, and I found a townhouse that I’m interested in.

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