“Modesty is one of the traits that makes me so awesome.”

I climbed one red (5.11+?) and 11 of the 12 yellow (5.10?) climbs at Vertical Edge tonight. And I couldn’t get the last yellow because we were running out of time and I had just done 4 climbs in a row and I needed to rest and try to come up with a better excuse.

Amy pointed out some rockin’ concerts in downtown Raleigh in the upcoming weeks. I would especially like to hit up some Better Than Ezra.

Someone made a badass real estate looker-upper webpage by merging cragslist with Google Maps.

SAS has this video rental machine in the gym. They’re changing their pricing scheme to $5 a month for unlimited rentals, max of 2 at a time. Here’s the list of movies. Anyone want to watch anything?

Many of the things I write are an excersise in conveying information clearly and with few words. It’s more usable?

More information about the Google Maps hacking at http://www.engadget.com/entry/1234000917034960/ and

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4 Responses to “Modesty is one of the traits that makes me so awesome.”

  1. salchichatu says:

    I kind of wanted to see The Cooler.

  2. These are the ones I’d like to see. Lozenges ◊ for the ones I have already seen but want to see again, and clubs ♣ for the ones I really want to see. And sloppy u with a dot ¿ for ones I’m sure are really dumb but I want to see anyway (ok, so it’s an inverted question mark, but it looks like a sloppy u).

    21 Grams (R)
    A Fish Called Wanda (PG 13) ◊
    About Schmidt (PG 13)
    Adaptation (PG 13) ◊ ♣
    Elf (G)
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (PG 13) ◊
    Finding Nemo (G) ◊
    Finding Neverland ♣
    Hellboy (PG 13)
    Hollywood Homicide (PG 13) ¿
    House Of Sand And Fog (PG 13)
    Lost In Translation (PG 13) ◊
    Man On Fire (PG 13) ♣
    Matchstick Men (PG 13) ♣
    Mystic River (PG 13)
    Phone Booth (PG 13) ¿
    Ray (PG 13) ♣
    Sideways (R) ♣
    Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (PG)
    Stepford Wives, The (PG 13) ♣
    The Ladykillers (PG 13) ¿
    The Pink Panther Film Collection – A Shot in the Dark (PG 13) ◊ ♣
    Van Helsing (PG 13)

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