I’m Beachwood Aged

Today was Mo’ Rockin’.

I did some “cool” stuff at work involing sending an integer to a SAS server and telling it to format it as a string. It’s generally completely useless… but it must be tested, nonetheless.

THEN I got to see Emily and that was pretty fun. Then I got my hair cut. It’s still kind of long in the back. I need a Flobee.

THEN I climbed like a banshee. I can climb 5.10’s pretty consistently; not always on the first attempt. I climbed a 5.11 once, then did it again and flashed it–solid.

And it’s warmish outside, so I drove back with my windows down, listening to Before These Crowded Streets. And I’ve thought about how cool it’ll be to climb/camp outdoors again. Especially because Emily and Toro can come.

Oh, and my C# IM hobbyproject? I’m almost at the point where it iterates through a directory of DLLs, looks at the classes in each DLL, if it finds a class that extends my AbstractProtocol class then it will call the constructor and attempt to connect. It’s the beginnings of dynamic multiprotocol support, very similar to what Gaim has, where 3rd parties can provide protocol plugins (ala Meanwhile, the Sametime protocol plugin).

I still haven’t decided if I want to go with WinForms or GTK#. My extremely basic trial WinForms program looks like utter crap. If I can’t figure out how to make it look better (or if it’s not possible), I might have to go with GTK#.

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  1. Mark, part of me wants to say that I can help you with WinForms stuff, that’s the stuff that I’m most interested in anyway. But I just don’t have the time for it. The other thing is you might want to look into VG.net. The designer is limited in the free version, but the runtime is fully functional. You can make nice pretty things that scale and render quickly. The problem is that you have to draw them or write code that draws them, which takes some artisitc talent.

    Are you worried about interoperability at all? Is this a Windows-only application or do you plan on compiling it with Mono as well? I’m not sure how that should influence your decision though. What I remember reading is that GTK# looks like crap in Windows, WinForms looks like crap in everything except for Windows. I don’t know if VG.net can be compiled with Mono or not. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Mono people are doing a lot of work on System.Windows.Forms right now.

    • Mark Doliner says:

      I wouldn’t say I’m “worried” about interoperability, but I would like it to work on Windows and Linux/whatever else.

      “What I remember reading is that GTK# looks like crap in Windows, WinForms looks like crap in everything except for Windows.”

      That sounds about right to me. I think I’m using the first release of Mono with the new implementation of Windows.Forms (I think the old implementation used wine, somehow…)

  2. wow… it’s like reading a livejournal entry from charlie brown’s teacher. At first, everything is in english and it makes sense (I recognize words like “Emily and Toro”)… and then all of the sudden… “wah wah wah wah wah”… no more english and my eyes just skim over the rest of the entry.

    • songchilde says:

      Hahaha, Rachel, that’s exactly what I was thinking! Well, I didn’t think “Charlie Brown’s teacher” but I did go “Woah … wow ….” when all of a sudden, I went “Why are there so many # symbols in the second half of the entry?”

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