Ooh, hot mic


Is this thing on?


So I made one of these… things.

On the way home from work today I drove by some cows (I usually do). They’re the cows with the funky funnel things in the side that I think you can unscrew and do stuff to their stomachs. It got me thinking about this one time, in high school, junior or senior year, I was driving to school in the morning. And I’m usually pretty out of it in the mornings, but as I’m driving I see these chickens flappin’ around the side of the road. Maybe 3 or 4 of them. Just a flappin. Flap flap flappin away. I think Lisa saw them too. I can’t remember if we were in the same car or not. I think we were. I think she was driving. She usually drove in the mornings. Probably safer that way.

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