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Oscar Protocol Documentation | Random Pidgin Files

Oscar Protocol Specification: Family 0x0018, Subtype 0xffff

This is just a list of TLVs that appear in this family.

0x0007n bytesSubtype 0x0007 TLV listURL used to access email
0x00802 bytesSubtype 0x0007 TLV listNumber of unread emails in inbox
0x00811 byteSubtype 0x0007 TLV listHave unread mail. This is 0x0000 if we do not have unread mail, and 0x0000 if we do
0x0082n bytesSubtype 0x0007 TLV listServer name of email address ("", "", etc.)
0x00842 bytesSubtype 0x0007 TLV listUnknown

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