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Oscar Protocol Documentation | Random Pidgin Files

Oscar Protocol Specification: Family 0x0018, Subtype 0x0007


This contains information about your email account, and the webpage you should use to read your mail. An initial one of these puppies is sent after you send the 0x0006 and 0x0016. You also receive one of these SNACs when TLV type 0x0081 changes (so if you previously had no unread mail, and you get a new email, they'll send you these with an updated 0x0081 TLV. Or if you read all your unread mail, they'll send you an updated 0x0081 with value 0x0000. They also send TLVs 0x0007 and 0x0082).

Source: Server

2 bytesFamily (0x0018)
2 bytesSubtype (0x0007)
2 bytesFlags
4 bytesSnac Request ID
24 bytesUnknown. mid says this is 0 bytes of 0's and then a 16 byte mail cookie
2 bytesNumber of TLVs to follow
x bytesTLVs

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