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Oscar Protocol Specification: Family 0x0013, Subtype 0x001a

This is the response to an authorization request (sent to others with a subtype 0x0018 SNAC, and received from others with a subtype 0x0019 SNAC). This can be used to accept or decline the authorization request. To ignore an authorization request, simply don't respond to it.

Source: Client

2 bytesFamily (0x0013)
2 bytesSubtype (0x001a)
2 bytesFlags
4 bytesSnac Request ID. Note: This is always 0x0000 001a, though, it does not seem to be important.
1 byteLength L1 of the following ICQ number
L1 bytesThe ICQ number of the person requesting authorization
1 byteFlags. 0x00 if declining, 0x01 if accepting.
2 bytesLength L2 of the following request message
L2 bytesThe message to the person who request authorization. This should be the reason you're declining them. (max length for winicq is xc8)
2 bytesFlags? (always 0x0000)

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