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Oscar Protocol Specification: Family 0x0013, Subtype 0x0007


This should be sent after you sign-on and get your SSI rights information and buddy list. It's a bit like an ack, but more important. mid says this should be sent "to tell the server you are ready to begin using the list. It will promptly give you the presence information for everyone in your list and put your permit/deny settings into effect."

So basically, send this when you get your list, and the AIM servers take your settings from the data they have saved and start using them. If you send this, the AIM servers will ignore SNACs that are sent to do similar things, but not use SSI. For example, if you set the option to not allow other people to see if you are idle, then you will not show up as idle, even if you tell the AIM servers that you are idle.

Thanks to Adam Fritzler for realizing what this does.

Source: Client

2 bytesFamily (0x0013)
2 bytesSubtype (0x0007)
2 bytesFlags
4 bytesSnac Request ID

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