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Oscar Protocol Documentation | Random Pidgin Files

Oscar Protocol Specification: Family 0x000f, Subtype 0x0005

This is sent to you after you request it with a family 0x000f, subtype 0x0004 SNAC.

Source: Server

2 bytesFamily (0x000f)
2 bytesSubtype (0x0005)
2 bytesFlags
4 bytesSnac Request ID
2 bytes0x0001
2 bytesNumber of interests to follow
A series of interests, each with the following format
1 byteParent or child interest. This is 0x01 if this is a parent (a group of interests), or 0x02 if this is a child (an interest).
1 byteIf this is a parent, then this is the ID of the group of interests. If it is a child, then this is the ID of the parent. If the ID is 0, then the interest is not in a group, it's just by itself.
2 bytesLength L of the following
L bytesThe name of the interest or interest group (ex. "Cars," "Books and Writing," "Careers").

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