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Podcast reviews

I’ve started listening to a lot of podcasts over the last few years. Mostly when walking to and from work. I took some time to write my thoughts about each one. Partially because I thought other people might be interested, … Continue reading

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Our government is separating more immigrant children from their mothers than it used to

And it’s awful. If you want to punish people for crossing the border illegally, fine, whatever. But that is not an acceptable reason to separate a child from their parent. Children don’t control whether their parents bring them across the … Continue reading

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We made wills!

Now that we have kids, Emily and I thought it was important to make wills so we could designate guardians in case we die. Our situation is straightforward, so I was hopeful we could find a cheap and easy off-the-shelf … Continue reading

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Buying a Subaru Outback

I recently wrote about how we decided which model to buy. This post talks about trim level and options for that model, as well as the actual buying process. We started by using the car configurator on Subaru’s website. Engine … Continue reading

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Choosing a new car

Emily and I bought a new car! Our old cars are from 1998 and 2003, so this was a big change. In this blog post I’ll describe our decision process in more detail than anyone could possibly care about. I … Continue reading

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Two movie recommendations

Emily and I watched two movies recently that I thought were worth recommending. The Accountant Ben Affleck is an accountant and also a trained assassin. Rated R. It’s pretty violent and a lot of people get shot in the head, … Continue reading

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Assisted braking belay devices

Hey climbers, did you know there are assisted braking belay devices other than the Petzl Grigri? Did you know there are passive assisted braking devices where “passive” means “no moving parts”? It occurred to me that many people might not … Continue reading

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On the Shadow Brokers NSA leaks

The leaks published by The Shadow Brokers (Wikipedia, New York Times) are the perfect example of why we should minimize the sensitive information kept by the government. I posted about this in the context of encryption backdoors two years ago. … Continue reading

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