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National Water and Power Login Information

In this web log entry I complained about National Water and Power, but then I realized I have already complained about them. As an addendum, if you forget your password they email it to you. Emailing someone their password is … Continue reading

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Comcast Hijacking DNS

Comcast has started doing that thing where opening a totally bogus URL in a web browser will send you to a crappy search results page. More information here. I hate this. Partially because it has the potential to break stuff … Continue reading

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Yahoo’s IM formatting

I’ve been working on instant messaging software for seven years, so I’ve been exposed to a lot of IM protocols. The “protocol” is the structure of bytes that gets sent back and forth between your computer and the IM service. … Continue reading

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“Change of Address” Letter

I recently changed my address for my Health Savings Account with Wells Fargo. They mailed a letter to me at my new address that says, “If you did not request these changes or have any questions, please contact our Customer … Continue reading

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An Open Letter

From: Yours Truly To: Haynes Automotive Repair Manual for Honda Civic 1996-1998 and Acura Integra 1994-1998 Dear Chapter 11 Section 25, I believe your step #5 to be somewhat misleading. It reads, “Remove the lower screws securing the sound insulator … Continue reading

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