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On Error Handling

I just installed the Windows 7 Release Candidate in a VM. The VM restarted after installing some updates and showed this message: Do not turn off your computer? Really? What if my power goes out? Will something break? Will it … Continue reading

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I’m pretty selective about the stuff I use. For mice I prefer: Wired, not wireless. I don’t like the extra weight/inertia of batteries. I don’t really see a benefit for my usage, and it seems like a hassle to have … Continue reading

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A Bit About Me

This is long and self-centered. You probably don’t want to read it. I value my time. Like, a lot. I’m pretty busy. From August through December last year I worked on average about 60 hours a week at Meebo, and … Continue reading

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Why I work on open source

I haven’t written about this before, have I? I think the world is better off with free software. I don’t have anything against closed source or non-free software, I just think typical development processes for free software produce better products … Continue reading

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I really do have a lot of opinions

I’m not sure there is a mobile phone provider in the US that I would be happy with. AT&T – I was always happy with their service. But I feel like it’s too expensive. I also feel like it’s a … Continue reading

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Just watched Hackers for the first time ever. Pretty entertaining. Decent soundtrack (or two or three?) Orbital, Underworld, a Massive Attack song with Tracey Thorn (although I don’t see it on any of those albums). A few mentions of the … Continue reading

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