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Web browser SSL warnings

These are the warnings that Firefox 3.0.5 is capable of showing: I once heard someone lament that as soon as a user does a web search and the browser asks “you’re submitting information that’s not encrypted, do you want us … Continue reading

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Team Locomotove T-Shirts

When I was climbing in NC, before I moved to CA, the group of us semi-jokingly referred to ourselves as “Team Locomotive.” Before a few of us moved out of the area, Penney made each of us an awesome team … Continue reading

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A Riddle

When is a cookie not a cookie? Answer: When it’s made with oatmeal and raisins.

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Next president

I keep wondering how George W. Bush got reelected 4 years ago. Emily pointed out that his competition was only John Kerry. And I wonder who’s going to take over when Obama leaves in 8 years? Hilllary might be too … Continue reading

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