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More Airline Ridiculousness

Last week I complained that the fee for bringing a pet on a plane with you was unreasonably high. I think Emily pointed out that children under the age of two can fly on planes all day long with no … Continue reading

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Less Spam

Remember four months ago when I said I switched to Google Mail? The count of emails in my spam folder shows me a seven day rolling average of the amount of spam I’ve received for the past week. On November … Continue reading

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Fee to carry a pet with you on a plane

Emily and I are heading back to NC this year from December 22nd to January 1st. Since most of our friends will also be traveling, and 9 days is a long time to impose on someone anyway, we’ll be bringing … Continue reading

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Wii Fit Supply and Demand

Emily and I have been loosely following the availability of the Wii Fit. It’s generally sold out in our local Best Buys, Circuit Citys and Game Stops. It’s often also sold out online at those same retailers, and at Amazon. … Continue reading

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“VTA lightrail emits no emissions”

Redundant much? I remember the first time I had Yoplait Whips! yogurt. I totally didn’t realize it was a different kind of yogurt, so I was expecting it to be normal and liquidyer. But then I ate the first bite … Continue reading

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