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I like reading stories about the pirates off the eastern coast of Africa. Partially because it’s so ridiculous (I mean, pirates?! come on, what is this, 1830?). But I think I also like that the story is simple. You don’t … Continue reading

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Blimps and Stealth Planes

I saw a zeppelin floating around outside of our office today. One of these guys. This was notable because it’s totally random. How often do you see a zeppelin?! And then I remembered that one time when I was in … Continue reading

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Meebo for Google’s Android Platform

Last Thursday night we released our Meebo application for Android-based cell phones like the T-Mobile G1. Search for “Meebo” in the Android Market if you have a G1. For more information, see my post on the Meebo blog, the page … Continue reading

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The Prez

Three guys in the office are celebrating by drinking a Barack Obeerma. Also… “Barack Obama,” least presidential name yet?

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