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Baby Teeth

Remember when you were a kid and your teeth were always falling out? It took me a long time to realize that that only happened once. I kinda thought it happened for the rest of your life. And I remember … Continue reading

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What’s the deal with airlines calling headphones a “headset”? When someone says “headset” I think of headphones with an attached microphone. Like what pilots use. Or people in TV studios. And “lavatory” instead of “toilet”? I realize that it’s an … Continue reading

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Don’t wait!

If you’re coming to our wedding and haven’t booked your flight yet… WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Seriously, go do it right now. Here’s a website with pictures of celebrity mugshots.

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Wedding: Planes and Hotels

Emily and I mailed out all our invitations a few weeks ago and everyone who was invited should have received it by now. We have a block of rooms at two hotels in Palo Alto. Please see our wedding website … Continue reading

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One time I saw a beaver

It was the darnedest thing. I was maybe 7 or 9 years old and I was biking to my friends house in our neighborhood. I was about to turn into his driveway when I noticed there was this large brown … Continue reading

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Some Numbers

We should of course continue to be angry about the September 11th attacks, but just to keep things in perspective… Number of people killed in the September 11th attacks: 2,998 Number of US military deaths in War in Afghanistan: 480 … Continue reading

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Costume Party Pictures in the Hoouuuseee!!!

A week and a half ago Arun hosted a costume party where you had to come dressed as either a colonial, uh, colonist, or someone from the 70s. These are the pictures from the night as it unfolded.

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Guitar Hero 3 Wii disc recall

Well, not a recall per se, but Activision is providing free replacement discs for anyone who has purchased the Wii version of Guitar Hero. Why? Because the game was advertised as supporting either stereo sound or surround sound, but in … Continue reading

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