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Ubuntu Updates Available

I love it when my operating system tells me that there are updates available by displaying a little explosion in the taskbar.

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Protected: Wii Number

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Emily and I got our Wii last Monday. We’ve been playing it too much the past week. Patrick was in town half of last week, which was cool. We had dinner a few times (once with Martin and Melanie) and … Continue reading

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RSS feed icon… with guitar!

Remember about two years ago when some guy made a blog post saying that we needed to have a standard icon for RSS feeds, and he packaged Mozilla’s feed icon for people to download? I’m pretty impressed at how well … Continue reading

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Has anyone seen the movie The Muse? I have, but I don’t remember if I liked it or not. Or really anything about it. I recorded the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie Double Impact (not to be confused with the Jean-Claude … Continue reading

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