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Stuff I Did This Weekend

Ran a 5k (and caught a cold) Hung out with Eric Corley a lot Went to Paramount’s Great America Amusement Park Watched Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark Watched Robocop 3 Played Micro Machines on an NES … Continue reading

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NASA’s Mars Rovers

It so freaking amazes me that humans have two remote control cars driving around the surface of Mars taking pictures and sending them back to us. And that they’ve been there for three years. Much respect! NASA’s website Wikipedia’s entry

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/me stabs NW&P

What’s the deal with insignificant websites requiring absurdly complex passwords? Our water and power company, National Water & Power, requires my login password to “contain characters from at least three of the following four classes: lowercase letter, uppercase letter, number, … Continue reading

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Open Source Shout Outs!

FileZilla (for Windows and Linux). This is the best FTP/SFTP program I’ve ever used. It reminds me a lot of CuteFTP from when I used it in the late 90s. PuTTY (for Windows). A fantastic Telnet and SSH client for … Continue reading

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What HAVE I been up to?

Emily wrote an amazing account of the past few weekends in her gournal. I’ll add just a few things: The Marin Headlands is a great way to see San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge from afar. But make sure … Continue reading

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Adam West + Family Guy = Winning Combination

NC was fun. Andrew and Emily’s wedding was good (there were successfully married). I didn’t take any pictures at the wedding. Well, I did, but I used the disposable cameras that were on the tables. But I DID take some … Continue reading

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