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“The smallest insect may cause death by it’s bite”

Sometimes people ask how they can get started working on an open source project. Start off small! It’s much easier to get acquainted with a hoard of source code if your goal is to change something small. If you try … Continue reading

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Remember ‘Bonkers’?

Holy cow I just posted 12 things1 on craigslist. All old computer stuff. Hopefully most of it gets sold, because I need to make room for Emily who is moving in on January 1st, 2007! It’s going to be so … Continue reading

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I’m a pretty big fan of the TV show How I Met Your Mother. Doogie Howser and Willow are both in it, and they’re pretty cool. The other cast is good, too. And the writing makes me laugh. Work is … Continue reading

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“Didn’t we just leave this party?”

The thing about playing defense in ultimate frisbee… if your man has the disc, you’re not really trying to block the throw. I mean, if you can block it then great. But really you’re trying to force them to throw … Continue reading

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Napa and MTB Guru

Pictures from our Thanksgiving trek to Napa Valley. Jian from work pointed me to today. It’s a Google mashup that allows people to upload GPS data from biking, running and hiking trips. You can browse around and see what … Continue reading

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Woah crazy busy

Emily was here last week for Thanksgiving and that was pretty rad. Even radder is that my parents, brother and uncle were in Napa Valley for Thanksgiving, and we drove up to hang out with them for a day or … Continue reading

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