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Copyright worries in open source software

The IBM/SCO ordeal brought to light scary problems about copyright infringement. Namely, what happens if someone contributes copyrighted code to an open source project without permission from the copyright holder? Some months ago someone advised me against accepting patches for … Continue reading

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I saw an Aston Martin DB9 today. I think that was the first time I’ve seen one. Also, the 1997 BMW 850CSi is my all-time favorite BMW. Edit: While I’m at it, I think the 2006 Ferrari 575M is my … Continue reading

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“You’re churning too fast!

I bought some ice cream. The carton says “Slow Churned.” I’m assuming that’s a good thing, since they seem to tout it as selling point. However, not being in the ice cream business myself, I really don’t know what it … Continue reading

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Biking in pants

Today I rode my bike back from work. I think this is the first time I’ve commuted via bike while wearing long pants. I don’t think I like it. I have two of those velcro things that wrap around your … Continue reading

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NC was pretty rockin’

I’ve uploaded pictures from our climbing trip to Crowder’s mountain and from our trip to Charleston, SC for Tommy and Penney’s wedding.

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“Might as well call it ‘whitejack'”

I’ve never understood how something can moisturize better than water. I guess it’s just magic. Have I mentioned that I’m in Raleigh/Cary this week? I went to my cousin Josh’s Bar Mitzvah last weekend in Charlotte. And next weekend I’m … Continue reading

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Well, I DO like yo-yos

I kinda feel like I go through a cycle where I’m not very productive for a few days and then I’m crazyonfire for a few days. And I think I’m on a bit of an upswing now. It rained for … Continue reading

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Pretty Little Policemen In a Row

I’ve felt pretty blah the past few days. Or maybe the past week. I thought it appropriate to write a blog entry up in this piece, in true LJ style. No! Uh, I’ve bought some CDs the past few months: … Continue reading

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