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Free USB Drive from MS

Microsoft seems to be giving away a USB key/drive thingy if you fill out a form with your contact info (click on the “Get Yours” image). It doesn’t say how big it is… so I’m guessing it’s very small. It … Continue reading

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That’s what I’m talking about

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The text-based installer for Mandriva 2005/10.2 is very close to being useless. Especially the disk partitioner.

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You heard it here first… “flickred”

I flickred some pictures from last night at Amore’s and the night before at Mitch’s Tavern. Edit: Apparently there are 45,800 hits for “flickred” in Google. Oh well.

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Odin would be so disappointed

All day today I thought it was Wednesday. I wondered why no one had put their recycling out this morning (luckily I figured I just wasn’t “in the know” and decided not to put mine out, either). At work I … Continue reading

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