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I’m allergic to lava, boiling water, and the vacuum of outer space.

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“You unselfish bastard”

Since the release of VMware player for free, I’ve wanted to try to use it to run different Linux distros from within one Linux distro for use when building Gaim RPMs for different versions of Mandriva, etc. I played around … Continue reading

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AOL System Msg: The group, aim bots, has been deleted from your buddy list. Hmm. Just in case you didn’t notice the first time, the message says AOL System Msg: The group COMMA aim bots COMMA has been deleted from … Continue reading

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Open Letter to CHINA

Dear China, I’ve ruminated on your Great Firewall some. What the hell are you thinking? Do you seriously think this is a good idea? I feel like starting a pool for guessing in which year your populace will realize they … Continue reading

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Why is it ok for a girl to call a guy “sweetie”?

Quick Tip #18: When you write things, try to convey the maximum amount of information in the simplest (most concise and easy to understand) way possible. Unless you’re trying to sell something that sucks. Climbing at the Raleigh Rock Yard … Continue reading

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The final two episodes of the Jeopardy! college tournament air tonight and tomorrow night (7pm EST on ABC11, for those of you in Raleigh). These are the two that Emily and I were there for, and we know who wins! … Continue reading

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Good questions to ask people you just met and don’t want to fit in with: “What’s your sign?” “What are you about?” “Do you like me?”

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Someone called me one of Siskel and Ebert today

I got a Netflix subscription recently, and I know you care what I think about movies. Easy Rider – I actually kind of liked it. It didn’t really go anywhere… but it was simple and uncluttered. And Jack Nicholson and … Continue reading

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